Gift Bouquet

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Our cut flower gift bouquets are fully customizable to meet your floral needs. We have four different sizes and color palettes to choose from. If you have a specific flower or favorite color in mind for your gift, you can leave our designers a note in the appropriate box during checkout, and they will make sure they include it for you. You can be as specific as you want, or give us a starting point and leave the rest up to us. All of our gift bouquets come beautifully wrapped in our signature checkered paper and silk blue ribbon.

As bouquet size increases, so does the amount of flowers we use. Our presentation size is designed for special occasions where dramatic, oversized bouquets are desired. Presentations bouquets are wrapped with extra paper and ribbon for a gorgeous display that can wow an audience all the way to the back rows. Perfect for award ceremonies, recitals, pageants, graduations, or just to amaze someone special. We guarantee it will attract the attention of a whole room.