Diy Inspiration

Visit our shop for seasonal plants, herbs & seeds!

Corporate Displays

Beautiful, low maintenance displays for inside our outside. Watering service available.

Curbside Appeal

A lush seasonal garden is the perfect welcome to visitors, and the perfect greeting after a long day away from home.


Our custom windowboxes can be installed on-site for hard-to-reach gardens.

A beautiful garden adds life and character.

Outdoor gardens are a great opportunity to add delicacy and color to any home. Indoor gardens are a perfect solution for year-round fragrant blooms and dramatic elegance.

Caring for your garden can be a wonderful outlet, and after installing your new garden our staff will explain the maintenance process so you can watch it flourish.

For busy schedules, Flores Mantilla offers watering and grooming services as needed. Let us design and plant your garden to complement and enhance the atmosphere of any location you choose.

Indoor Gardens

Low-maintenance plant gardens in the container that's right for your space. A perfect solution for lobby displays or holiday decor.

Outdoor Gardens

Blooming plants, trees, and flowers will beautify your courtyard year-round. Create a fragrant escape for your home.


The perfect accessory to boost your curbside appeal, in both city and suburban settings. We can style your windowboxes to match the taste of your home or buliding.

Holiday Displays

Nothing says holiday time like festive decorations for your home. We create classic seasonal displays for interior and exterior that will beautify your home and delight your guests.

Corporate Gardens

Your office buliding or suite will stand out from the rest with tasteful plant and flower displays to complement your surroundings and impress your clients.